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In a nutshell    

Cryptocurrencies (Cryptography + Currency) are digital currencies in which transactions are verified and records maintained by a decentralized system (outside the control of governments and central banks) using blockchain.

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Cryptos CFD

In a nutshell  

Cryptos CFDs, like any other CFD (contract of difference) allows someone to trade the price movement of the crypto without actually owning the product.

This is suitable for people interested in short time trading and not buying cryptos.

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In a nutshell  

Crypto tokens, are actually Crypto coins with a cryptocurrency technology base.

In particular, they are virtual currencies  that may be issued and traded on a blockchain. The initial coin offering mechanism, is used to generate, sell, and distribute these tokens.

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Are Cryptos legal?

It’s Complicated. Firstly, it is actually dependent on the country. Secondly, cryptocurrency as an alternative currency is relatively new and governments were not ready with regulations and restrictions. As a result, there are no controls over cryptocurrencies. Countries now, one after the other are starting to produce rules, regulations etc.
Some countries have completely ban Cryptos. In particular, countries like China, Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Indonesia Turkey and others. Read more here on 20 Cryptos.


An NFT is a unit of data that can be sold and traded. In particular, we can link it to a specific digital or physical object and a license to use it for a specific purpose.

NFTs work in the same way as tokens, but they aren’t interchangeable. As a result, each NFT may represent a different underlying asset, with a correspondingly varying value. Obviously, blockchain is behind the construction of NFTs. Because, this method ensures that each digital file is providing a digital signature to track NFT ownership.

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A blockchain is a growing set of records, referred to as blocks, that are cryptographically linked together.  A cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction databases are all included in each block. The timestamp validates that the transaction data is there at the time of the block generation, allowing it to be into the hash. As a result,  blocks gather knowledge about the blocks before them, and they form a chain, with each additional block reinforcing the previous ones.

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About 20 Cryptos

This is not a professional website. I am doing this on my free time. The idea is to learn and educate people about cryptocurrencies. So,  feel free to contact me via email about any feedback about content and request. I hope you enjoy reading.


Core Focus

The core focus of the site will be cryptocurrencies. However, we will mention other similar products from time to time.  In addition, you can ind news in the news section.

Therefore, stay tuned, visit the site regularly and more content is coming.

20 Cryptos disclaimer

It is important to read and learn about Cryptos before investing any money. Next, always have in mind that the Crypto market is very volatile. Undoubtedly, it can go up and down at any given time without any “logical” explanation. As a result, it can lead to great gains or great losses.

At 20 Cryptos we are not intent on making you invest in any specific crypto rather than just to help you get information about cryptocurrencies.