NFT Donations? The future is here.

NFT Donations

NFT Donations

According to, Visualize value launched the “care package”. That is a charity campaign for Afghan families in need. Through Mirror (ETH-based blogging platform), the company started a campaign that offers various package editions for everyone to contribute.

Furthermore, that is not the first time NFTs find their way in fundraising. Binance Charity recently launched the NFT for Good.  That is, an open platform founded by Binance to enable everyone to convert their talent for good. Art and creativity turned to action targeting social and humanitarian issues.

In addition, according to council of non profits a lot of fundraisers turn their sights to NFTs and there is a large list of cryptocurrencies that help you donate to non profits.

NFTs is a fairly new concept for everyone but it is always nice to see that project turn into helping and not only making money for people.

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